until its over….. It may still be something tomorrow, but it certainly isn’t as important. Then, a few years from now, it’s pretty much a memory (maybe). I actually hit for the cycle in one baseball game. That was a single, double, triple and homerun during a single game. There may be one or two other people who would even remember that besides me. Of the at least 17 other people there, no importance or weight was given to it since that day. And if I didn’t bring it up right now, the one or two other people that I think would remember it, probably wouldn’t (if there really are one or two other people). It’s more than “what have you done for me lately”, but “what have you done for you lately”.

I went to the gym this morning and used the leg presses (I like the feeling of tight leg muscles…. you know, blasting your quads). As I pushed more weight than I did last week, my mind started thinking about this moment in time. What a different mindset than I normally have (despite popular belief). As I watched my lower quads tighten, I was glad that I had a chance to move like that today. I didn’t think about tomorrow, next week or 6 months from now, my only thought was right now. Right stinkin now. Having fun in the moment.

My ‘exciting’ stories about training for and becoming an Ironman will become just another story about one thing I did once…. like hitting for the cycle. But for today at least, and at least for me, it’s pretty exciting.

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