Sounds impressive

My wetsuit is called a Tsunami FS Triathlon Wetsuit. I can’t wait to test it out in open water! Here is a picture of it:

Looks impressive too, huh?

It seems like everyday I have a different favorite of the three sports. Today it was swimming (though running in this perfect weather wasn’t too horrible either). Since I get up really early to go swimming , it’s getting increasingly tougher to roll out of bed. It’s been really cold and the sun doesn’t even think of rising for a while. It feels like the middle of the night. But once I get up, get to the pool and get in, everything changes. I’m still very new to this and the last few times swimming I made additional mental connections. I’m pretty certain how I want my hand to enter the water, how that feels, where it goes and how long I want it to stay there. I made connections on how to breathe, how to rotate my body, how to kick and how to get back on track after a distraction.

This weekend, I’m heading to Lake Wallenpaupack in the poconos to become Tsunami Tom. I already have butterflies and they can’t swim. I’ll use this crazy woman as an inspiration. She swam 49 miles. FORTY NINE MILES! When I did that on the bike, I strutted around patting myself on the back for days. So, if I can swim for 2 miles this weekend, watch out for my feathers on Monday.

Here’s the story:

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