Now all I have to do is….

learn to swim for two hours before and run a marathon after! Yesterday was my second time riding 100 miles in a day. The rest of the day/night, I was tired. There is a path that goes from Conshy to Reading (and supposedly beyond) but once you get to Phoenixiville, it disappears for a while then reappears around Pottstown as a gravel path. Not so good for the thin road bike tires. So I chose a very hilly way to get to Reading PA on the side roads (I didn’t purposely choose them, they just happened to go that direction so I took them).

Here are a couple of fun facts about the ride:

Don went with me and went the whole 100 miles. The farthest he’d ever gone before was 55 miles.

The total riding time was about 45 minutes faster than last week’s 100.

I experimented and never got out of my 52 tooth gear all day. Based on the humongous hills I was still able to climb, I’m rethinking both the small and large sprockets for the front. Instead of 44/54, I think I’m going to keep the 52 as the small and get a 56 for the large (if that’s at all possible).

I have funny tan lines (especially the ones on my wrist where my gloves ended).

I went the whole distance with no bonking the whole time.

I feel like I hydrated and consumed the right calories at the right time this time. My water intake for the last 25 miles didn’t exceed the first 75 like last time.

I actually thought about what it would entail to go 200 miles in a day.

Exercising for 7 1/2 hours makes you sleep well that night.

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