good thing

The day of rest (Monday), was the perfect day to do some running or biking (I didn’t and that was a good thing). It’s not a complaint though, I do enjoy the weird weather. I figure it will give me an advantage in Arizona (where it’s always a perfect day) on the outside chance that it’s a weird weather day there. I’m heading home shortly and it’s going to be tough not to do something physical outside.

I had a mental slip up that included pizza at lunch today. Now I know why I’m OK without it. The thing was good, but after my second piece, I had a stomach ache and got sleepy (hmmm maybe I should eat that on nights I have trouble sleeping). My stomach is getting tighter from all the sit ups and I shouldn’t ruin any gains in physical health with a diet that doesn’t support it.

I’m starting to get into longer workouts and my need for calories is increasing at a very high rate. There is only so much I can consume in one day, but I really need to stay away from empty calories. This is part of the tri that is the most difficult (unless of course I start talking about the other two: training and right mental attitude). How to find the proper fuel, not only for workouts, but for maintaining good health is always a tough question to answer. I find myself eating tons of brown rice. I have to get away from that too so I don’t have diminishing returns with it.

I just need to find a good thing to eat that I can be happy about, something low on the Glycemic index, easy to find and make, cheap and tasty. Looks like I’m sticking with brown rice for a while, that’s not a bad thing.

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