It’s the weekend!

I never really looked forward to the weekend before. They were just two of the ordinary days of the week. Most of my days seem to run together and often I have to consult my phone to find out what day it is. Since I started training and doing triaTHlon THursday, I have become more aware of what day it is and now can’t wait for Saturday to come around. Saturday is 70.3 day (1/2 ironman day). I can’t wait to wake up way before the sun, have something to eat, then hit the road (path) on my bike. I don’t have a distance in mind for . . . → Read More: It’s the weekend!

Keep your head high, you past a milestone

The number of miles I’ve run/ jogged since my training started is now over 200! When I trained for the marathon in 2007, I think I had a total of 120 or there about. It might be safe to say that the number of miles run in this training is probably more than the number of miles I’ve run in my whole life (certainly after I got out of high school). To celebrate the achievement today, after I got home, I did 200 situps (yea, we all have different definitions of rewards).

I don’t know why it’s taken me . . . → Read More: Keep your head high, you past a milestone

Mental hurdle…. cleared

Yesterday I went 112 miles on the bike. That’s the number of miles in the ironman event. It took all day. I stopped frequently and went slowly (usually because of traffic). A section of the path was washed out because of the storm. That didn’t stop me from going through it though. That’s something I won’t attempt again (the riding through the washed out path, that is). But I made it.

I was feeling really good for the first 80 miles, and even felt like I could get off the bike and run a bit. As I got closer . . . → Read More: Mental hurdle…. cleared

credit where credit is due

Is anyone else tired? I can’t tell if it’s a function of the my workouts, but I’ve been tired for the last week or so. It’s not from a lack of sleep, because I have never gotten any of that. It’s not from anticipation, stress or anxiousness, because the world doesn’t bother me much. Maybe it’s a lack of fuel, or too much of the wrong kind. I don’t think it’s a blood disorder, nor do I think it’s from thinking too much. It’s certainly not from boredom. Perhaps it’s from the time of year. I think I’ll just blame . . . → Read More: credit where credit is due


On Saturday I completed my second 70.3 day (56 mile bike, 13.1 mile run and 1.2 mile swim) and on Sunday I feel really good (I did Saturday night too). I did them in the order above instead of swimming first, like the event calls for. The bike ride was quite easy but like usual I screwed with nutrition to see how my body would react.

Friday night, I ate (a lot of) noodles with veggies and shrimp (so delicious), had some triptophan around 10 and had a good sleep. When I got up around 4:30, I realized . . . → Read More: Confidence

I’m here for a good time

Yesterday, an unsanctioned triaTHlon THursday took place. I know it moved to Saturday, but it didn’t matter much because I felt good and wanted to do it. The half mile swim was enjoyable, the 3 mile run was awesome and the 12 mile bike was fun. What a great way to start the day: Enjoyably Awesome Fun!

On that thought, I have just over two months before I take the trip to AZ. I always wanted to have fun during the event and often think about how I’m going to have a big goofy smile on my face no . . . → Read More: I’m here for a good time


I got a really nice (unsolicited) compliment the other day. It’s kind of neat (at the same time strange) when someone you don’t know compliments you on your improvement when you didn’t even know anyone was looking. My response was typical Tom. “Thank you very much, that was very nice of you.” I’ve been told before that I can’t take a compliment, so that is my attempt to receive it (instead of making a face like :-/   ) <—- My chin looks huge that way, I never noticed that before.

I’ve been really concentrating on swimming technique since I . . . → Read More: Compliment

Sleep running?

Last night I decided to run for a bit after work. I felt good and kept a fast pace for quite a while. I also wore a heart rate monitor that goes with my gps watch. Though it’s a neat thing to know my heart rate, it’s really difficult to see when running. The number is so small in the upper right corner, I couldn’t read it with accuracy. At one point I thought it said 198 until I slowed a tad and saw it was 158. Here I go with the math again, hold on: My resting heart . . . → Read More: Sleep running?

Come on Irene….

Besides being the next song after Jingle Bells that the waiters were going to sing in A Christmas Story, it’s also a pretty big storm…..and I can’t wait! As long as there is no lightning, I’m going to run in the storm of the century. Chris told me that my time will be wind aided, so I can’t count it if I make a PR. On Sunday, I’ll let you know how combing the run and swim portions feel.

Official Notice:

TriaTHlon THursday is moving to Saturday and changing it’s name to 70.3 day. Seventy point three is the total number of miles in a 1/2 ironman. Since I have an issue thinking that half of something isn’t a full anything, the day’s mileage will equal a full 70.3 miles. I survived last week’s version of the full 70.3, and am ready to take it on again on Saturday. By moving the event to Saturday, it gives me time during the week to build up the miles before and after work and gives me a full day (a full part . . . → Read More: Official Notice: