The first time I….

On Sunday Chris and Steve took me to lake Wallenpaupak in the Poconos to try out my wetsuit for the first time in open water. Chris happened upon this lake like he finds everything else….. and I have no idea how. He showed me a picture of it on Friday and I have to admit it was a little intimidating. It’s a huge lake.  There are three or four companies that rent boats that you can take on the lake. The plan was to rent one of the boats, and have them follow next to me in the boat as . . . → Read More: The first time I….

it IS too

It’s too early, it’s too cold, it’s too hard, it’s too much work, it’s too much on your body. It’s too mentally taxing. It’s too physically draining. It’s too scary. It takes too much time. It’s too expensive. There is too much travel involved.  I’ve thought of some of these things and some have been implanted into my head from people I know.

Though I’ve been pretty good auditing things I allow through my mind, some still creep in. I understand that some people may think some or all of the above. I may have at one point. It’s true that . . . → Read More: it IS too

2 more months left!

September 20, 2011: I have 2 months to the ironman, but just about a month of buid-up training to go. I can’t continually build up distances in November and have to take at least a week or two before it to ease off a bit. That’s the theory anyway. I don’t know how I’m going to build up those distances in such a short period. The furthest I’ve swam was 1 mile. The furthest I’ve biked was 112 miles and the furthest I’ve run was 15 miles. Even if I could do all my furthests in one day and I’m still . . . → Read More: 2 more months left!

Official Notice:

TriaTHlon THursday is moving to Saturday and changing it’s name to 70.3 day. Seventy point three is the total number of miles in a 1/2 ironman. Since I have an issue thinking that half of something isn’t a full anything, the day’s mileage will equal a full 70.3 miles. I survived last week’s version of the full 70.3, and am ready to take it on again on Saturday. By moving the event to Saturday, it gives me time during the week to build up the miles before and after work and gives me a full day (a full part . . . → Read More: Official Notice:

Why are you so negative?!

Got my ionized water (no it wasn’t struck by lightning), and I’m ready to go.

Each jar has 4 cups of water (or 1/4 gallon). I backed off of the amount of water from the 2011 Great H2O Experiment (to prevent a drinking problem) and am down to 1.5 gallons a day. The reason I drink out of a jar is because the negative ions stay negatively charged in glass, but in plastic it loses it’s charge. I have no idea why, but the plastic bottles make it lose almost 1/2 of it’s charge.

To test for an electrical . . . → Read More: Why are you so negative?!

I’m on my water break

It being rest week and all, my water break is really long. It doesn’t mean I’m taking a break from drinking water, just the opposite. Today through Monday (my typical rest day), I’m drinking as much water as I can handle, and shooting for 3 gallons a day. Since I’m such a mathematician lately, that’s equivalent to 24 bottles of water a day or 2 an hour for 12 hours. I did this as part of the Great 2011 H2O Experiment last month during a reeeeallly hot and non-rest week. This week is supposed to be cooler (right Hurricane Schwartz?!), so I’ll see the difference . . . → Read More: I’m on my water break

Use the Force, Luke (then rest)

Rest Week is Here! Let’s see how good I do at this. As far as I’m concerned I think I had way too many rest weeks in my life, but this one has a purpose. There’s a theory about muscle development that I subscribe to that says recovery time is just as important as working time. To sum it it, it goes a little something like this: If you lifted 1 pound, you’d need a second or two to recover to do it again (to be able to lift the weight in perpetuity, with the right fuel). If you . . . → Read More: Use the Force, Luke (then rest)

worth your salt

I just had an ‘Ah Ha’ moment. When I was riding Sunday (Sunday was not part of the Great 2011 H2O Experiment), I was losing water through sweat but I was also losing salt. I could tell because my shirt was white when I wiped my brow, and I could see it on my arms and legs. Though I don’t know the rate of salt loss (somewhere between 250-400 mg per 1/8 gallon of water/per hour), I’m fairly confident about the maximum amount of water loss (1/8 gallon of water per hour). I think the reason that I started to get tunnel vision toward . . . → Read More: worth your salt

The Great 2011 H2O Experiment

Last week I attemped to drink more water over the course of one week than I ever have before. Since my/your kidneys can only filter 1/4 gallon per hour, I limited my intake of fluid (water) to that amount per hour. The amount of water that can leave your body through sweat is typically about 1/8 gallon per hour (half of what your kidney can process). So the times when I was exercising and sweating I was estimating how much more to drink to replace it. I never drank more than 2 1/2 bottles of 16.9 fl oz of water . . . → Read More: The Great 2011 H2O Experiment

Drink more water

I read that our kidneys can only process about 1/4 gallon of liquid an hour. That’s one 16.9 oz bottle of water every half hour. My goal for this week, starting yesterday, is to drink as much water as my body can handle. So, pretty much I’m drinking a 24 bottle case of water a day. At Bottom Dollar, the case only costs $1.99 this week. I heard that when it’s really hot outside you have to drink more water anyway. So given the fact that it will be near 100 degrees all week, it seems like a perfect time to experiment.

The . . . → Read More: Drink more water