One Mile!

Today’s triaTHLon THursday had me swimming longer than I ever have before. That distance… (look at the title above) ONE MILE! As my brother Steve would put it…. “WOOOOOOOHOOOOO”! The farthest I’ve ever gone before was 1/2 mile. I credit the ability to do it to another video I saw on YouTube. The coach recommended to pretend your arms are on tracks. That thought kept my body rotation directly behind my leading arm and kept me from over rotating. The technique is in line with Total Immersion swimming (video linked on the On Swimming page at the top of . . . → Read More: One Mile!


You’re riding high in April, Shot down in May. I know I’m going to change that tune, when I’m back on top, back on top in June. That’s Life

I’ve been reading other blogs about motivation or lack of motivation as it were, in the summer. I took a break last week from training because I had a vacation planned. Was the trip just a reason/excuse not to workout? Could I just say I was unmotivated to workout? Was it an emotional break I needed? Did the break recharge my batteries or demotivate me more? It really doesn’t matter. . . . → Read More: cycles

Back in the saddle

Not exactly what Steven Tyler was singing about, but a saddle none the less.  Today was my first day on the bike in over a week. I thought I’d take the first ride easy….until I got on it. That crazy man who eats the raw potatoes had a saying that rings in my ears once in a while….’the trick is to get anaerobic everyday’. That means do something physical to the degree where you run out of breath and have to stop so it catches up with you. In my case tonight, I rode out of breath on the . . . → Read More: Back in the saddle

The hills of Conshy

After riding (10 miles or 80), I always have to take one of the hills of Conshy to get home.

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It started with a guy drinking a clear liquid and ended with someone else hallucinating for days.

There’s a show in Las Vegas called Absinthe. It’s venue is in a small ‘tent’ with incredible acrobatics, balance, concentration, humor and at least one audience member dreaming. You can overlook the small budget to find a potentially life changing message. I’ve seen bigger ‘shows’ and more directly motivational messages, but for some reason my hallucinations haven’t stopped since Wednesday last week. What was so powerful? What made this thing have mind altering effects? Isn’t just entertainment and a way to make . . . → Read More: Absinthe